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Packaging for hemp products: some original examples

By | on 28, Jul 2022 |   Pack universe cannabis

Hemp products are relatively new on the Italian scene and the last few years there has been a real 'green gold rush' by many entrepreneurs. From inflorescences to by-products (capsules, tinctures and [...]

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Let's open a window on the creative world of packaging

By | on 19, Jul 2022 |   Pack to the future food

We have talked at length about how the primary function of packaging is to protect and preserve the product inside so that it is kept perfect, not affected by knocks or alterations due to external age[...]

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What is the right packaging for legal cannabis?

By | on 28, Jun 2022 |   Pack universe cannabis

That of legal cannabis - also called light marijuana - is a new economic sector, born in Italy in 2017 as a result of Law No. 242/16, which allows the cultivation of a particular variety of hemp with [...]

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Short runs, fast turnaround, customization: these are the advantages of digital printing

By | on 10, Mar 2022 |   Pack universe

Digital printing is a relatively recent printing method that involves electronic and technological procedures based on sending files in digital format to the printing press. This is an innovative appr[...]

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Six examples of creative packaging

By | on 24, Feb 2022 |   Pack universe

Today when we buy something we are no longer driven by purely practical needs, but by precise psychological requirements, first and foremost the affirmation of our identity and the values in which we [...]

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The right packaging for the Home Bar

By | on 09, Feb 2022 |   Pack universe

Coffee at home is a comfortable tradition that is lost in the mists of time, especially in Italy. Now it has become something that goes beyond the common cup of coffee: semi-professional coffee machin[...]

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With Packstyle we help to reduce food waste

By | on 04, Feb 2022 |

February 5 is the ninth National Day of Food Waste Prevention, launched in 2014 by agro economist Andrea Segrè, coordinator of the Ministry of the Environment's National Food Waste Prevention Plan (PI[...]

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The limited edition calendar 2022: the opportunities to enhance your packaging in this new year

By | on 28, Jan 2022 |   Pack universe

We all know what limited editions are because we learn about them on the shelves of supermarkets up to the windows of jewelry stores involving a wide and varied range of products, but let's try to bet[...]

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What is the right packaging for coffee?

By | on 14, Jan 2022 |   Pack universe

Coffee is a impressive product: small and large producers interpret the bean in surprising fragrances, aromas and intensities - in an infinite variety - which pleasantly enjoy consumers' days. But for[...]

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The new frontier of packaging? It's smart

By | on 10, Jan 2022 |   Pack to the future

Among the trends that will continue to characterize the packaging sector in 2022, the smart packaging is certainly the most interesting and versatile one, for the different applications to which it le[...]

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