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Chef Lorenzo Cogo has chosen Packstyle's food doypack pouches for his gourmet soups

By | on 13, May 2024 |   Pack to the future coffee food Case-history

Packstyle has always been about more than simply producing flexible packaging according to customers' needs, listening to their requests and responding in a timely manner to find the tailor-made solut[...]

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Mamasili: African biodiversity excellence preserved in Packstyle packaging

By | on 13, May 2024 |   coffee food infusions-and-spices Case-history

Today's interview takes us to the evocative atmospheres of the African continent, a place that Franco Emilio Risso, founder of Mamasili, a physical and virtual retailer of excellent food products of A[...]

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Narnia Cannabis Crew: from the farm in Umbria directly into the Packstyle pouches

By | on 13, May 2024 |   Pack universe Case-history

Narnia Cannabis Crew is a company located in the unspoilt nature of Umbria, where it produces and directly markets the best light weed infusions, CBD products and hemp derivatives for the Italian and [...]

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Kiss-proof garlic? It really does exist and NeroFermento produces it

By | on 12, Dec 2022 |   Pack universe food Case-history

So what do you say we cook a classic pasta with garlic, oil and red pepper tonight? But this time instead of the traditional garlic let's put the black one!

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Sticky-lab Genetics: modern, versatile packaging for a pioneering company

By | on 30, Nov 2022 |   cannabis Case-history

Sticky-lab Genetics is a light cannabis producer based in Terracina with a core business focused on the production of high-quality inflorescences. We interviewed Valerio, who founded the company in 20[...]

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