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Chef Lorenzo Cogo has chosen Packstyle's food doypack pouches for his gourmet soups

Packstyle has always been about more than simply producing flexible packaging according to customers' needs, listening to their requests and responding in a timely manner to find the tailor-made solution for their product. Packstyle continues to closely follow their stories even after the pack of pouches has arrived at its destination. Listening to the experiences of those who have chosen our products always makes us discover something new and seeing their unique and innovative projects realised fills us with pride. As has happened with our other customers, today we tell you the story of an extraordinary culinary talent who chose Packstyle packaging for his prestigious project: Lorenzo Cogo.

Who is Lorenzo Cogo

Lorenzo Cogo is much more than just a chef. He is a culinary visionary with an contagious passion for innovation and creativity. In 2012, at only 25 years of age, he opened his restaurant 'El Coq' in Marano Vicentino, where he offered a modern and innovative cuisine that attracted the attention of critics and food enthusiasts. Chef Cogo is known for his constant pursuit of excellence and creative use of local and seasonal ingredients. He has developed a unique culinary approach that combines traditional techniques with a modern and experimental vision of cooking. In fact, his vision goes beyond simply preparing exceptional dishes and this has led him to work on a very ambitious project: to bring his gourmet cuisine into every home, making the high-quality dining experience accessible to all.

Loco Soups

The project that has seen Lorenzo Cogo's commitment and passion are his famous Loco soups. Each soup is the result of years of research and perfection, with special attention paid to the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients. LocoMeal is a complete meal that is made in just 3 minutes and is much more than just a soup: it is a sensory journey that embodies Chef Cogo's culinary magic and experience in every sip.

The inclusivity of Loco soups

Another aspect that makes Loco soups so extraordinary is their inclusivity. They are vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the chef's gourmet cuisine without any dietary restrictions. What's more, the soups are quick and easy to prepare, and stand in plain sight on supermarket shelves within everyone's reach. Even the packaging was designed with the idea that it should be inclusive: easy to keep in the pantry, with identifying colours and practical to open and dispose of. In addition, it is always the packaging that suggests the amount of water to add to the soup with a convenient outside sign.

The Packstyle Packaging

Packaging is a fundamental part of Lorenzo Cogo's project, as it represents the bridge between his gourmet cuisine and people's homes. After five years of research and experimentation, which saw bulky and impractical packaging discarded, Cogo chose Packstyle to create his ideal packaging. 

The first version of the soup was packaged in plastic bottles. Rigid packaging, unlike flexible packaging, does not fit the contents of the product and consequently takes up a lot of space. Rigid, bulky and heavier packaging, we know, affects production and transport costs and consequently leads to increased CO2 emissions into the environment.

After dropping plastic bottles, Lorenzo Cogo turns to flexible packaging, which is an ideal solution for containing soups. Thin, yet strong, suitable for the food content, light and customisable. The flexible pouch was perfect for LOCO recipes, but the sustainability-conscious COGO chef perfected his packaging choice by opting for Packstyle's flexible pouches in recyclable metallised film with a matt finish, using eye-catching graphics to differentiate the different versions of the recipe. Packstyle packaging complies with the requirements for food safety in the production process; no solvents are used that could alter the food or make it harmful. Packstyle's flexible packaging is fully customisable in graphics and allows the containers to be customised for different product lines at no extra cost. In the case of Loco soups, the seasonality of the products is a relevant aspect for Chef Cogo, and Packstyle's multi-graphic packaging service allowed the soups to 'change skin' according to the availability of ingredients, making the packaging even more professional and personalised.

The doypack format chosen by the chef also allows for great versatility and convenience, adapting perfectly to the needs of Loco soups and allowing the product to stand out on supermarket shelves. In fact, this gourmet product can be found in many shops and catches the attention of consumers because the packaging chosen to contain it is the doypack pouch, which stands on its own in the shops. The soup remains protected by a high-performance material before being consumed.

Lorenzo Cogo's success with Packstyle demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovation in the culinary world. Through a combination of passion, creativity and high-quality packaging that best preserves the inner product and shows it in an appealing way to the public, Chef Cogo has realised his dream of bringing gourmet cuisine into every home, giving everyone an unforgettable dining experience.


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