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Short runs, fast turnaround, customization: these are the advantages of digital printing

Digital printing is a relatively recent printing method that involves electronic and technological procedures based on sending files in digital format to the printing press. This is an innovative approach that does not involve the use of plates or moulds as is the case with traditional printing. In addition to streamlining procedures, which therefore leads to greater speed of production and delivery, its increasingly widespread use is also due to other advantages: first of all the economic one because it also allows limited runs, lowering the initial costs that would be incurred with traditional printing systems, flexography, screen printing or offset printing. Secondly, digital printing satisfies high quality standards in terms of graphic definition and allows printing different copies one from the other on paper, cardboard, aluminum and other supports.


packstyle digital printing


Digital Printing and Packaging 

In the packaging sector, with the exception of the label printing sector, which began to favor digital printing technologies at a relatively early stage, the adoption of digital printing has been slightly slower. This is likely due to either a lack of suitable digital systems or a reluctance to change. 

However, fierce competition in markets has driven brands to focus heavily on packaging by rapidly varying packaging to make it more attractive. The growing number of single-family households, with purchasing behaviors different from those of multi-member families, has directed consumer needs towards packaging of very different sizes and, considering a growing sensitivity to issues related to cost, environment and practicality, has led to a more careful consideration of materials.

Digital printing enters the scene in this context of a fluid and ever-changing society thanks to its main advantages: its ability to customize and its fast production times. 

One of the key moments of this transformation is represented by the launch of the "Share a Coke" campaign.


Multi-graphic packaging marketing campaigns 

The "Share a Coke" campaign was launched across Europe on May 1, 2013 and was designed to allow Coca-Cola to directly engage its consumers in 32 countries. The famous logos on the bottles, Coca-Cola light and Coca-Cola Zero were replaced with 150 of the most common names and nicknames in each country. The project combined conventional printing technology and HP Indigo digital printing to create 800 million high-quality custom labels. The ability to create custom packaging allowed Coca-Cola to better engage customers by highlighting the brand and product on the shelves.




After Coca-Cola bottles, in 2013 Ferrero, too, personalized Nutella jars with labels requested online and then sent home to be attached to the jars. The idea has been so successful that it has been replicated over the years up to the most recent one, the 2021 campaign "Ti Amo Italia" (I love you Italy) with labels depicting the views of the most beautiful places in Italy suggested by the consumers, involved in voting, competitions and sharing on social channels.

Nutella personalize


In fact, while the advantages of digital printing are very clear for small and medium-sized companies and start-ups, which, thanks to limited print runs, customization and competitive costs, can present themselves on the market with professional packaging, for large companies, which print in large quantities and therefore in many cases resort to traditional printing, digital printing comes to their aid because of its ability to print diversified graphics and on different materials always with high quality levels.


The multigraphics of Packstyle 

Packstyle offers its customers highly customized packaging, combining the choice of material, format, size, graphics and possibly the application of additional accessories, such as the degassing valve, the resealable zipper or the euro hole.

Moreover, if the customer has more product lines to diversify, or packaging with variable data - numbers, codes, barcodes, addresses - Packstyle provides the service of multi-graphic that brings significant benefits to customers who request it.

In case you need to change the graphics, or to vary the information, choosing the same type of pouch, the same size and the same materials, Packstyle's multi-graphic service manages the order as if it were one, thus streamlining the procedure, which does not need to be replicated for each change, and allowing you to receive a single order in a very short time.

The multi-graphic service is an added value of the Packstyle company, which can afford to provide its customers with the know-how of its human capital, but also for the presence of the latest generation of printing machinery, such as HP Indigo 20000, which has represented an epoch-making leap in the digital production of flexible packaging, offering many new opportunities for the sector. 

Since Packstyle packaging is suitable for containing food products, the multigraphics service is particularly advantageous because

  • it allows to vary in a simple way the graphics and the colors of the various product lines, to signal different tastes, special lines, variations of ingredients.
  • it allows you to have products that are always safe and up-to-date with the necessary information, lists of ingredients, the origin of materials, etc., without having to exceed and therefore accumulate waste.
  • it allows to receive in a short time in the same order the packaging which represents an even more significant advantage for some types of food that have fast consumption times. 
  • it allows to propose a packaging studied for special occasions, inserting phrases or different messages thanks to the small print runs.

Multigrafica: the collaborations of Packstyle

Packstyle works with many companies that use the service of multigraphics because it is particularly practical, fast and streamlined. Below we report the experiences of some of our customers and if you want to learn more about their stories click on the link that takes you to the complete interviews in our blog. 


Packstyle's innovation at the service of the tea tradition

The experience with Lara Pagotto, owner of the store in Mestre "Alla corte del Tè", made us enter a world of aromas and fragrances, diversified by product origin, types and characteristics. Thanks to the different formats, Lara has in her store a varied offer that responds to the needs of different consumption, also through the service of multi-graphic has managed to keep a graphic line that identifies its product, but adding a pattern in tone to diversify the different types. 


example multygraphic


Gaia's ice creams: to keep coffee fresh and eco-sustainable

Davide Bizzotto's coffee from "I gelati di Gaia", with whom we collaborated, also required a personalized and diversified packaging according to the type of coffee contained. Thanks to Packstyle multigraphics, we were able to offer a product that preserved the brand identity, but contained different information according to the type of coffee inside.

With Packstyle not only Tortiglioni, but also a story of courage and passion.

Also the collaboration with Federico Massimi, creator of the brand "La Forneria di Nonna Mirella", has been interesting and...tasty. His production started with traditional cookies and then extended to more refined sweets and even to a savoury offer such as the different TortiSnacks, proposed in several variants and diversified in the packaging with different color tones thanks to the Packstyle multi-graphic service. 


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