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What is the right packaging for legal cannabis?

That of legal cannabis - also called light marijuana - is a new economic sector, born in Italy in 2017 as a result of Law No. 242/16, which allows the cultivation of a particular variety of hemp with a low THC content.

Today, more and more outlets and e-commerce allow people to buy light hemp - safely and of Italian provenance, often even grown zero kilometres.


Like all products, hemp - in its various forms: inflorescences and its derivatives such as capsules, oils and ointments - needs the right packaging to preserve its properties and, at the same time, guarantee consumer usability and communication opportunities for marketing.

Today, let us look together at what characteristics a good hemp packaging should have.


Light, air, humidity and high temperatures are the enemies of light hemp 

Products with intense aromas, numerous organoleptic properties and effects on our bodies are usually very sensitive to external agents. This happens, for example, with coffee

In order to keep its properties intact, light hemp must also be protected from air, sunlight, humidity and heat. These are among the most damaging agents for the inflorescence and its derivative products. 


  • Air affects the taste and alters its properties and effects.
  • Sunlight changes the characteristics of CBD which, like other essential oils, is photosensitive. 
  • Moisture can generate mould and may decrease the quality of the product. 
  • High temperatures - above 30°C - for prolonged periods degrade the product as well as favouring the creation of mould.

If properly stored away from these external agents, hemp will keep for a long time: some products can keep for about two years. 

What are the most commonly used packages for storing legal hemp?


Glass jars and bottles

Glass jars with airtight closures are mainly used for inflorescences and CBD derivatives, such as capsules and oils. It is an elegant packaging, but also quite expensive

Transparent glass allows brands to show the product to the customer, which can be particularly appreciated in the case of inflorescences. On the other hand, transparency does not protect against the sun's rays, which is why dark or coloured glass is usually preferred.



The shortcomings of this type of packaging also include heaviness and a certain fragility

Therefore, glass bottles (especially those with droppers) might be the best choice for high-quality oils, which can be combined with refill packs of different types - cheaper and more sustainable.


Aluminium jars

Another type of packaging for hemp light is aluminium cans, especially often chosen for inflorescences. Aluminium is in fact one of the best materials to protect the products from sunlight and moisture without affecting their smell and taste. 

Sometimes glass lids are used in order to be able to show the product to the customer.

Unlike glass, the alufoil can is very durable but still has flaws: it is very bulky and risks - once the package is opened and part of the product has been consumed - letting too much air into the packaging. 

In general, these types of packaging fail to adapt to the contents, thus risking too much air coming into contact with the product, affecting its properties.


Flexible pouches: flat pouches or doypacks

Flexible bags - also called pouches - for storing cannabis light are a versatile, easily transportable, space-saving packaging. In addition, they fit the contents easily and the re-sealable zip allows products to be stored inside and can be consumed several times. 

For these reasons and because of their low use of resources, they are therefore particularly convenient packages. 


The materials of flexible pouches for legal hemp

Pouches can be made of different materials. On the Packstyle portal, you can choose between film, recyclable film, recyclable paper, aluminium and paper combined with aluminium. The special feature of flexible pouches is in fact that they make the most of the characteristics of the different materials for the protection and preservation of products - also being able to combine different materials with each other. 


Aluminium, as mentioned, is a naturally barrier material to protect the contents from sunlight and the ingress of moisture, heat and other external agents that could alter the hemp inflorescences. While in film and paper bags, the protective function is performed by a special barrier, the EVOH barrier.


Other advantages of flexible pouches: short runs and multi-graphics

Other advantages of light cannabis pouches include the possibility of ordering low quantities at competitive prices [we explain this and other pros of digital printing in more detail here].


In a situation as dynamic as legal cannabis, printing large quantities of packaging - especially for small producers - can be counterproductive. Being able to take advantage of short print runs prevents companies from filling warehouses with packaging that could become irregular before it is even sold. 

In fact, the sector is constantly evolving: this means that laws - as well as varying from country to country - are constantly being updated. So too are the regulations governing the information that must be printed on the packaging.

Finally, thanks to the multi-graphic service, Packstyle manages the different product lines as if they were a single order: this means that it is very simple and free of charge to order packaging with different graphics, adaptable to the different product lines.

Discover Packstyle packaging for hemp.

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