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Let's open a window on the creative world of packaging

We have talked at length about how the primary function of packaging is to protect and preserve the product inside so that it is kept perfect, not affected by knocks or alterations due to external agents. We have also learnt, however, that packaging has other functions, such as that of communicating with the purchaser, involving him: visual impact is fundamental in orienting the consumer's choice at the time of purchase, so much so that a product with attractive packaging has many more possibilities than one, even of inferior quality, packaged in a less original way.


Confident consumers

Intriguing, original packaging that stimulates curiosity will attract potential consumers, inviting them to learn more about the product's characteristics and to buy it. 

In fact, some consumers are attracted by the unusual, the unconventional and are therefore led to try a new product on the basis of the different and mysterious aspect of the packaging, for others the attraction to the product is provoked by recognising themselves in the communication conveyed through the packaging. 

In both cases, whether for a more traditional consumer or a more curious consumer, the ability to see the content of the packaging through the transparent window plays an important role in that it reassures the consumer in his or her shopping experience. 

Consumers feel safer if they can see what they are about to buy, especially when it comes to food, electronics or products for children - all products that need confirmation or reassurance. 

Transparent windows therefore represent an additional opportunity for brands that want not only to preserve, protect and preserve the product through packaging, but above all to communicate and attract the consumer.


Creative ideas in transparency 

Packaging is becoming more and more attractive, and even for those with transparent windows, creativity in many cases has been able to exploit this particular feature of the packaging in an original way.



Flexible packaging lends itself particularly well to having a transparent area to show off its contents inside: in some cases, even with little elaborate graphics, it manages to have a very intense visual impact, as in the case of the Festina diver's watches. 


flexible packagin with transparent window


People are more likely to believe what they can see with their own eyes, and it is precisely this consideration that lies behind the choice of packaging for Festina Profundo, a diver's watch sold in a flexible package filled entirely with water.  

The role of the flexible packaging is to provide maximum 'transparency' to the consumer, demonstrating the quality of the product in a convincing manner. 

The flexible packaging was chosen because it is the one that most effectively contains liquid substances inside. 



Even a global giant like Nike knows how important it is to communicate through its packaging. In the case of the Nike Air trainers, it chose not to package them in the classic cardboard box, but to offer them in an air-filled pouch, to recall the air capsule device, the most natural element in the world, which revolutionised the history of sports shoes. The very simple packaging has a strong impact on the purchaser who immediately associates the air bubble of the packaging, soft, transparent and light, with the air that characterises the sole of the shoes. 

flexible packaging with transparent window


flexible packaging with transparent window


Good hair day pasta

The transparent window is a very popular choice for food products, to reassure the consumer of their choice. Many pasta companies, for example, decide to leave part of the packaging or the entire bag transparent in order to clearly communicate what they are selling. Even in this case, however, creativity comes into play, giving rise to eye-catching packaging, as in the case of the company Good Hair Day Pasta, which has exploited the shapes and 'character' of the various pasta formats in an original way to give style and recognisability to the packaging. The pasta format is transformed into a pattern that simulates the different hairstyles of the figures depicted.

flexible packagin with transparent window 


The Packstyle flexible packaging in multi-material film or the recyclable single-material version in polypropylene (PP) offers the possibility of affixing a transparent window in a simple way, as explained in our tutorial (How to create packaging with a transparent window (tutorial) ( As with all Packstyle packaging, it is possible to customise the pouches with specially designed graphics to contain and enhance the products inside, even in small runs. 


flexible doypack with transparent window

So what are you waiting for to open the window on creativity and show everyone your product? Packstyle will follow you through all the stages of creating your envelope so that the packaging protects, preserves but above all enhances your product.

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