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Packaging for hemp products: some original examples

Hemp products are relatively new on the Italian scene and the last few years there has been a real 'green gold rush' by many entrepreneurs. From inflorescences to by-products (capsules, tinctures and skin creams), today legal hemp is used in various ways. In a booming market, where new competitors are emerging every day, it is essential for brands to distinguish themselves from the competition by taking care of their product packaging.

packaging for hemp


In this article, we will look at some examples of packaging in which the combination of innovative design and excellent materials catch the consumer's attention and successfully express brand values.

packaging for hemp.

The focus on sustainability

The first example is ZoZ, a US producer of cannabis and hemp products. ZoZ's inflorescences come in glass jars with an embossed logo, wrapped in opaque black cardboard that protects the product from light. The materials used, recyclable cardboard and reusable glass jar, are environmentally friendly, and the company is testing a returnable vacuum system.

packaging for hemp

 Leef, a CBD (cannabidiol)-based supplement and beauty product company, has also chosen eco-friendly materials for its soap, which comes in a biodegradable and plantable paper case. Once the product is unwrapped, the customer can bury the case and grow tomato plants, increasing the life cycle of the packaging.

Some brands in the cosmetics and wellness sector have tried to distance themselves from the image of hemp, traditionally associated with street culture, by focusing on sober and refined packaging in order to create confidence in the properties of this plant.

This is the case with Kana Wonders, which uses packaging characterised by essential graphics and pastel colours for its CBD-based oils. Each shade evokes the effect generated by the product: pink evokes relax, midnight blue night sleep, yellow concentration.

packaging for hemp

The wellness product brand Healist Naturals also focused on sobriety, with white cardboard packaging that resembles that of medicines and supplements, combined with a colourful inner case featuring 'botanical' designs.

packaging for hemp


For its line of hemp-derived beauty products, Mineral chose stylish, minimalist-looking cases made of compostable hemp paper, produced from the same plants used to make its products. In this example, the packaging is able to create a connection between the packaging and the product itself and to highlight the latter's versatility.

packaging for hemp

Going in a different direction, however, is the cosmetics company Lord Jones, which has chosen metal foil prints and embossed elements for its cardboard cases, recalling the sumptuous aesthetics of ancient royal coats of arms.


Conceived by designer Marco Arroyo-Vazquez, Mind CBD is a packaging design for CBD-based sublingual strips. The concept proposes a cardboard box from which the image of a human face with a calm expression emerges like a bas-relief, evoking the beneficial effect on the mind generated by the product. A box that almost resembles a work of art.

packaging for hemp

The overview of hemp product packaging ends here. For more, please read this article: 'What is the right packaging for legal hemp?'

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