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How do we deliver so fast?

Packstyle’s customer companies have already noticed that Packstyle, compared to the market standard, offers the delivery of bags in a shorter time. Choosing the fastest delivery, Packstyle’s pouches are delivered to the customer within a few working days.

How do we do that?

Today we will explain what are the technologies and choices that allow us to have such efficient times, and we will also break some clichés.

Set up in digital printing is faster

The first technology that makes it possible to greatly reduce production times - while maintaining quality - is digital printing. Compared to so-called "traditional" printing (rotogravure or flexographic printing), digital printing allows much shorter set-up times and costs.

How does it work?

Digital presses - we use the HP Indigo 20000 which is considered the champion of digital printing - do not print faster than traditional ones. The speed of set up is greatly reduced: that is, the time it takes to set up a new job on the machine from when the customer sends the order with a click on our site.

With traditional printing it is necessary to create a matrix - also called cliché or cylinder - whicinto the machine: it takes time to make the matrix, to insert it into the machine, to "register" the quality and, above all, to change it every time that you print a new job. The digital printing we use in Packstyle, on the other hand, does not have a matrix: the image from the pouch is digitally processed and printed directly on the package.

Result: with this type of digital printing, starting printing takes just a few seconds and it takes much less time to go from one order to another than with traditional printing!

An additional advantage of digital printing is also the possibility of printing short runs at low prices. This has several benefits for customers: less risk of immobilising resources, less inventory to manage and the possibility of testing new formats.

In summary, thanks to digital printing:

  • Print set up is faster
  • Switching from one job to another on the printing machine is faster
  • Plus advantage: short runs can be printed at low prices.

Hot roll lamination has shorter times than cold rolling

However, digital printing is only part of our recipe for ultra-fast flexible packaging production. The other ingredient is the hot rolling technology.

Lamination is a bit the heart of creating a pouch. It is the process that puts together the different layers of material to obtain a resistant packaging, which protects the product and embellishes it with different finishes.

Classic - cold lamination - involves the use of glues and adhesives that need about 3-4 days of waiting once applied before proceeding with the packaging phase of the bags. At Packstyle, on the other hand, we use hot lamination (also called thermolamination): in our factory, the machines of the Karlville company allow you to instantly create a strong bond between the printed material and the lamination film.

Result: times are drastically reduced and the non-use of glues and adhesives make our packaging more sustainable and more suitable for food contact and also a healthier environment for our employees.

In summary, thanks to hot lamination:

  • The union between printed material and lamination film is almost instantaneous (with traditional lamination 3-4 days of waiting are required before the next processing phase)
  • Plus advantage: glues and adhesives are not used for greater sustainability

Our all-in-home formula, made in Italy

In addition to the two technologies that allow us to produce our pouches so quickly, there is also a very specific logistical choice behind it. And we are very proud of this choice: we do “everything at home” and in Europe, more precisely in Italy.

While our competitors only carry out part of the manufacturing in-house, in our factory near Bassano del Grappa we produce the entire flexible bag, from printing to lamination to finishing. This obviously reduces production times and makes Packstyle the first Digital Pouch Factory in Europe.


Idea: if you are as proud as we are of having a Made in Italy packaging, Made in Europe - with all the practical advantages that come with it - why not communicate it to the consumers who buy your products?

Here is how we can guarantee such short times to produce, print and ship the ordered packaging to our customers. Are you ready to test us with a new order?

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