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Products of excellence: how to communicate and promote them

In any sector, designing and manufacturing an excellent product - in aesthetic, qualitative and functional terms - is the first fundamental prerogative to aim for success in the reference market.

Consumer satisfaction is undoubtedly the optimal result to aim for, because the satisfied customer will most likely return to buy our product and speak well of it, generating new potential consumers.

However, we must always keep in mind that before reaching this result, it is first of all necessary to make our product known, capture the attention of the public, awaken their curiosity and convince them to choose it.

Without these fundamental actions we will leave the success of our brand to chance, without exploiting the immense potential that good integrated communication is able to offer us.

So what are the necessary steps to give visibility and promote a product of excellence? Let's see them together!

Create a strong brand identity

Whether it's a new product, a collection or the creation of a brand, the first step will be to give a clear, strong and convincing identity to what you want to promote, through so-called branding.

Image: @georgepagan - 

Image: @georgepagan - 

Creating a winning brand identity means being able to break through the hearts of our audience, communicating the set of values, feelings and expectations that belong to them, inspiring trust. To do this, it is first of all necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the type of customer you want to address to, outlining the characteristics of the people who are most likely to need our product.

Once this is done, it will be necessary to find the right name - naming - the relative payoff - or tagline - which must contain the "promise" and last but not least, create an original graphic logo, impactful and consistent with the characteristics and values ​​of the new product or brand.

Create a compelling storytelling

If logo, naming and payoff constitute the first impact with the public, the business card of our product or brand, are words because even words have great power in telling, fascinating and convincing the potential consumer: it will therefore be necessary first of all to establish the right register - tone of voice - with which to communicate based on the target and the peculiarities inherent in the product; once this is done, we will be able to build a real “story” to fully communicate all the most important and captivating characteristics and values, starting from the brand's mission and vision, making the story incisive and engaging for the public.

Image: @campaigncreators -

Image: @campaigncreators -

Promote and communicate the product online

Once the brand or product identity has been created, it is time to use the right channels to give it visibility and communicate with the public.

The first step is to create a site - or a dedicated landing page within the site - that is clear, pleasant and easy to use.

We can also create a blog that alternates promotional and specific contents with a more inspirational, informative cut and that can interest and involve the target audience; by establishing the correct frequency of publication on the blog upstream, we will also be able to increase the visibility of the site itself.

To keep the subscribed public always updated on news, promotions or events related to our brand or product, the use of the newsletter will be optimal.

Image: @piotrcichosz -

Image: @piotrcichosz -

Finally, an excellent way to give visibility to the product and retain the public is to use social platforms: first of all, it will be necessary to study a marketing strategy that takes into account the target to be addressed and the type of market; based on this, the most appropriate and functional channels will be opened for our needs, publishing the contents in a constant and coherent way, following an upstream structured editorial plan. We can also involve collaborations with ambassadors and influencers that can increase the visibility and reputation of the brand through their channels.

Give the product a captivating and coherent "physical appearance"

Now let's imagine our potential customer: having become aware of our product, impressed by the image and values ​​communicated through all the channels, he will find himself in front of the decisive moment, that of the actual choice.

To get him to choose our own product among many possible ones, it will be essential that the "physical appearance" is consistent with the values ​​communicated, aesthetically appealing and impactful and absolutely functional for the product itself.

The last piece of advice is therefore to design and create a customised packaging, studied in detail from a graphic point of view, as well as the choice of format, material and finish, able to adapt perfectly to specific needs.

This is the last fundamental step to give concreteness and tangibility to everything we have communicated to the public and to make our product of excellence a real market success!

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