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Christmas 2021. Ideas and tips for a magical Christmas packaging

Christmas, as we know, is the most magical and awaited period of the year, when everything is lightend, warm and filled with precious colors. The atmosphere is full of  celebration, joy, gifts and good wishes.

As it is a unique moment, Christmas is a special occasion in which also brands, companies and stores can communicate with their customers and with the target audience in a more emotional and original way: what better way to do it than to customise and dress up the Christmas packaging, making a product different and unforgettable or creating a limited edition?

There are many solutions and they are suitable for all needs and styles: thanks to digital printing it is possible to free up creativity, creating different and original packaging for the occasion, even in very short runs.

Here are our tips for a perfect Christmas packaging!




The first tip for creating captivating and festive packaging in a perfect Christmas theme is to focus on precise color palettes: for this Christmas 2021 we will see three trends in particular, to choose according the preferences and style of the brand or product you want to customise. 

The first trend concerns typically Christmas colours, such as red and green; in addition to the more traditional shades, there are also shades that enrich the palette, including the elegant burgundy or grape red and different shades of green, from the deepest and "wooded" to the bright tones of sage. These shades can be combined very well with the ecru and natural ones of raw and recycled paper, for a classic version of Christmas packaging, but at the same time sustainable to the environment.

The second color palette in vogue for this Christmas, includes colder, elegant and very suggestive shades, which recall typically winter scenarios with snow and ice: these are the colors ranging from white to cream, from light grey to light blue and powder blue, for a Christmas packaging with a contemporary and minimal spirit.



The latest color trend of this Christmas finally sees the triumph of bright and metallic tones of gold and silver, combined with the elegance of black or the purity of white: for precious, refined packaging with a strong aesthetic impact.


Patterns, illustrations, fantasies and graphic motifs: what better way to give a festive, unique and captivating aspect to a product's packaging and to personalise it with Christmas-themed graphics? So go ahead  to Tyrolean patterns or stylised and funny Christmas illustrations with typical Christmas motifs such as pine trees, snowflakes, reindeer and decorations. If it is not possible to create specific graphics, there are numerous online resources, free and paid - such as Freepick, Rawpixel, Pixabay, IStock - from which you can choose and download ready-made designs, mockups for Photoshop, vector files and illustrations to use for your packaging .



The Fonts

Packaging is made not only of images and colors; words are important first of all for the communicative function: product name, payoff, claim, call to action, greeting messages and information are an essential part in the design and creation of an effective, coherent and captivating packaging.

So why don’t you write the messages on the packaging in a more emotional and attractive way, giving them a typically Christmas allure thanks to the choice of the perfect font?

There are many free and paid fonts that you can download from the largest online font databases such as Dafont, Fontspace, Fontmeme, Myfonts, to have typographic fonts in perfect "Christmas style" in the packaging of your product: from the most calligraphic, elegant and retro, with sinuous lines, curls and graces, to the most modern, festive and bold, characterised by stylised symbols such as stars, lights and other decorations. You are spoiled for choice!



Precious details

Finally, you can make your packaging even more unique and spectacular by taking care of the smallest details: it is in fact possible to enhance and highlight specific parts of the packaging such as the logo, the written messages, illustrations or graphic patterns, using special finishes for printing such as lamination, UV varnish, relief printing, “soft touch” lamination. The possibilities are many and suitable for every need, for tactile and precious effects, also perfect for printing on flexible packaging.

These are our tips for making a perfect Christmas packaging!

Do you have an idea for your flexible packaging but don't know how to make it? Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be very happy to help you!



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