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The benefits of digital printing applied to the legal cannabis market

By | on 13, May 2024 |   cannabis

The advantages of digital printing are many, to the point that it is now increasingly in demand by users and used by both physical and online printers. We talked about it in our blog article. Short ru[...]

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Sticky-lab Genetics: modern, versatile packaging for a pioneering company

By | on 30, Nov 2022 |   cannabis Case-history

Sticky-lab Genetics is a light cannabis producer based in Terracina with a core business focused on the production of high-quality inflorescences. We interviewed Valerio, who founded the company in 20[...]

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Packaging for hemp products: some original examples

By | on 28, Jul 2022 |   Pack universe cannabis

Hemp products are relatively new on the Italian scene and the last few years there has been a real 'green gold rush' by many entrepreneurs. From inflorescences to by-products (capsules, tinctures and [...]

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What is the right packaging for legal cannabis?

By | on 28, Jun 2022 |   Pack universe cannabis

That of legal cannabis - also called light marijuana - is a new economic sector, born in Italy in 2017 as a result of Law No. 242/16, which allows the cultivation of a particular variety of hemp with [...]

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