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Multi-graphic step-by-step: with just one order, the whole range of pouches for the different product lines

Differentiating product lines through packaging means presenting one's goods in a professional manner, establishing brand awareness and of course communicating clearly and directly with customers. For some products, the graphic differences of the different lines are more immediate for the purchaser than even the labels: think for example of the colours that distinguish whole milk from semi-skimmed milk, which lead the consumer to make an immediate choice without looking at the lettering. 

Create more packaging, can I afford it?

Creating more packaging does not necessarily mean radically changing their graphics; on the contrary, most of the time it is advisable to change only small details or colours, in order to keep the brand recognisable: whole milk blue, skimmed milk pink, everything else remains almost the same.

However, it is often thought that even the printing phase is expensive, that starting two or more projects involves the duplication of time and resources. This does not have to be the case: with Packstyle, ordering and printing different packaging requires no additional time and resources. In fact, thanks to multi-graphics, diversifying the pouches only requires a few more clicks when loading the graphic files: multi-printing of graphics is managed free of charge, within a single total quantity of chosen pouches, configuring the pouch only once.

Is using multi-graphics really that simple? Yes, it really is!

To design packaging dedicated to a product line, it often only takes a few steps: insert the different name, change the colouring and/or graphics, change the information on the back of the pack. Once the changes have been made, simply upload the different graphics after the order has been completed, indicating the quantities desired for each one, and the work passes into the hands of Packstyle, which delivers the multi-graphics to you, all at once.

For those unfamiliar with this service, we detail below the quick and easy steps to proceed with multi-graphics.

  1. Go to and choose "Configure" in the top right-hand corner
  2. Define the type of pouch, format, material, possible finish and accessories
  3. Enter the total number of pouches, i.e. the total sum of the individual quantities for the different product lines, i.e. the different graphics.
  4. Choose whether to receive the pouches in 20 working days, option "Relaxed Production", 12 days, option "Regular Production" or in 6 days, option "Superfast Production".
  5. Proceed with "Estimate Quote" and then "Add to Cart".
  6. Proceed with payment.

In the next step, customised graphics are loaded onto the chosen pouches.

  1. Go to "orders" section
  2. Enter the file for the first graphic and the number of pouches matching that graphic. If the file is suitable, "valid graphic" will appear in green.
  3. To insert the second graphic, click on "add line" and proceed with the loading of the second file indicating the number relating to the second graphic.
  4. Continue with the loading of the different graphics, each time adding a line with the file entry and the number of pouches required for that particular graphic. The sum of the individual file numbers will correspond to the total quantity entered at the beginning of the order.
  5. When you have finished inserting the files, confirm the graphics by clicking on the text in the top right-hand corner. Once the graphics have been confirmed, they cannot be replaced.

We have also prepared a very short video to go along with the text in case any doubts arise. By adding very few steps to a single order, you get all the different pouches to differentiate your product lines effectively, professionally and attractively.

Once again, Packstyle is doing its utmost to satisfy the needs of small companies, which today can, thanks to small print runs, not only have customised, neat and effective packaging, but also differentiate it according to the product inside at no extra cost.

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