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Reuse me! Little and big examples of packaging reuse

We have often talked about it in our blog. Alongside the recycling of materials, reuse is one of the important factors that can lighten the environmental impact of packaging!

Today we therefore invite you to join us on a curious tour in search of the most creative examples of packaging reuse by brands. From large multinationals to local brands, passing through innovative companies and brands famous for their environmental commitment: let's see little and big projects with which they have experimented on packaging and consumer habits… tickling their imagination.

Some brands have created prototypes, others have pushed their customers towards good sustainability practices. In any case, in these small and large reuse projects, the companies have told the customer their values ​​and have done so in a concrete and creative way!

Packaging that can be planted

Pangea Organics is a beauty product brand, it is a medium-sized company and it is also known in the United States for its commitment to sustainability. For his soaps it has created a curious package that can be planted once you used the soaps.

The packaging is made of a particular biodegradable pulp in which the seeds of a tree are inserted, the same that gives the soap its fragrance. Once the product has been consumed, just wet the package, plant it and… wait for it to sprout!

The idea of ​​reusable packaging tells a very positive story of the brand and has increased the sales of this product.

The ice cream container that you can fill, and fill, and fill, and fill …


The famous American ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs has started a reuse project together with Loop - a platform that favors returnable empty containers by working together with the big brands.

Together, the two companies have created durable ice cream containers that can be reused up to 100 times. The containers have a particular design, they are made of stainless steel and are designed both to keep the product better and not to waste a single spoonful of ice cream. The new containers are delivered home and then delivered back to the platform for a delicious second taste!

The box that becomes a toy

Founded by an aerospace engineer, Petit-Pli is a children's clothing brand that focuses on the technology of materials and their sustainability. Thinking about these two characteristics, they worked on a creative project for the reuse of packaging.

For them, the NB Studio agency has in fact developed a curious packaging for order shipments. What looks like a normal cardboard box, in fact, can be reassembled thanks to the practical instructions in a wonderful toy jet pack!

In one move this packaging tells a lot about the company: their "spatial" inspiration, their being courageous and innovative, their attention to sustainability!

Packstyle flexible packaging that encourages reuse in Mestre

Alla Corte del Tè is a tea and infusion shop in Mestre. It is a local brand environmentally friendly. This is also why they chose Packstyle for their personalized packaging, as we have told in this interview.

The flexible packaging chosen not only preserves and maintains the product for a long time, but is resistant and can therefore be used over and over again. For this reason, the owners of the store have decided to encourage its reuse with a much appreciated initiative: they apply a discount to those customers who go back to the store to refill the package.

Actions like these, linked to packaging suitable for reuse, are particularly effective. In fact, they tell, in a concrete way, the values ​​of their brand ... and encourage customer loyalty!

The containers you can eat

In Singapore, the Forest and Whale design studio tried to limit the environmental impact of a habit that has increased everyday in the last year: food delivery.

This is why they created Reuse, a tray made with pulverized wheat husks and therefore edible. Designed for the packaging of take-away food consumed within two or three hours of delivery.

The idea is that customers can use the container instead of bread to consume the food they have just ordered. However, the creators themselves warn: it is only a prototype and the taste ... is not that great!

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