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The limited edition calendar 2022: the opportunities to enhance your packaging in this new year

We all know what limited editions are because we learn about them on the shelves of supermarkets up to the windows of jewelry stores involving a wide and varied range of products, but let's try to better analyse what it is, how this strategy works and what are the advantages.

Limited edition marketing is based on a supply that is lower than market demand by leveraging the sense of exclusivity of the product. The idea that the product is available in limited quantities and for a limited time creates desire and urgency in the consumer pushing him to purchase even without a real need behind. The strategy of the limited edition leverages on the desire to enter the lucky club of the owners of the good, which is rare, unique and therefore precious.

The idea of exclusivity and uniqueness is first expressed through the packaging of the product that is different from the usual one: it is a special version, designed specifically for the event. 

The packaging of limited editions is a special presentation of the product linked most often to anniversaries, to make the product more desirable or because the object is already perfect to be given as a gift.


Christmas is strongly related to the search for gifts for friends and relatives, and e-commerce statistics record the highest visits and sales throughout the year. As it is known to all consumers, a well packaged product creates a particular charm and reflects the value of the gift it contains. In addition, a company that creates packaging specifically for Christmas is a way to address its customers directly, feeding the process of loyalty. Christmas packaging also represents an opportunity to renew the image and surprise customers and attract new ones. 

Moreover, let's not overlook the theme of sustainability: Christmas packaging can represent an opportunity to create a packaging that is more attentive to environmental issues, using, for example, recyclable materials, or providing a packaging that can be reused or transformed for other uses.

One of the most well-known and widespread cases globally are the Nutella jars that are dressed with Christmas colours and images, and collecting them and preserving them for other uses becomes almost an obligation.

Nutella Packaging

Or the Starbucks cups that every year come in a different Christmas guise becoming a tradition.

packaging natale


Even if in smaller numbers than the winter festivities, Easter, or the arrival of Spring, is also suitable to emotional messages transmitted in the first instance through product packaging. 

The company DimmidiSì during the month of March distributed in rotation in the refrigerated counters of supermarkets salads in limited edition packaging dedicated to Easter holidays, promoting seasonal products with graphic personalisation related to the symbols known universally.

packaging pasqua


Valentine's Day

The limited editions linked to Valentine's Day, in addition to launching an exclusive product, therefore available in a few pieces and in a limited time, also have the task of acting as a gift package, therefore they are graphic projects put in place mainly by companies producing items that are traditionally exchanged on this occasion.

Lindt's project in collaboration with the European Institute of Design, The Love Case Design Project, involved a multidisciplinary team of students in the design of the package for sale on the occasion of Valentine's Day, a polygonal heart containing Lindor chocolates.

packaging San Valentino


Co Branding

Interesting examples of limited edition packaging are those that see the collaboration between different brands, which combine a distinctive product. The objective in this case too is to propose an object available in a few pieces and in a limited time in order to create in customers a sense of desire and urgency, as well as the perception of a higher quality product. It also creates dynamism around the two brands by taking advantage of the opportunity to acquire new customers.

An example of co-branding that made people discuss in Italy was the collaboration between Evian, which every year offers a limited collection signed by fashion designers, and Chiara Ferragni who raised the cost of the iconic Evian water bottle to 8 euros.


Chiara ferragni packaging


Even Baci Perugina are proposed with a new look designed by the masters of Italian style at home and abroad, Dolce and Gabbana, with a sophisticated design, inspired by the Sicilian confectionery tradition, focusing on the lemon, symbol of the Mediterranean.

baci perugina packaging

Interesting examples are also the collaborations between brands and artists, invited to create small artistic works contained in limited edition packaging. But we already talked about this last May on our blog 

Augmented reality

Limited editions go hand in hand with creative and expressive innovation, capable of fortifying engagement with its target audience. The 1800 Tequila brand, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its "Essential 1800 Artist Series", has proposed an augmented reality project accessible through smartphone scanning created on Snapchat. It is a 3D animation that in the form of a game, gives access to additional content related to the product.


But can everyone afford limited edition projects?

Strategic marketing can often be costly, because in the case of limited editions it is aimed at small volumes and in a tight timeframe. It is often the big brands that can afford the luxury of dedicating themselves to this niche with all the care, customization and costs that this entails.

Limited editions are often discouraged to small brands because they represent an extra cost to be incurred. Creating and producing a packaging dedicated to a specific event or reserved for a specific geographical area means producing a different packaging than the one you have in stock with all the related creation and production costs. Moreover, the risk of not calibrating the quantities can lead to surpluses and therefore losses. 

The services offered by Packstyle meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies by providing highly customizable packaging available in micro and small runs. 

The micro-runs allow the company to experiment with creative projects and see the concrete realization of the packaging with a negligible expense, while the small runs allow to diversify the packaging according to the different product lines and the different limited editions developed.

The tutorials offered by the company, such as the one to create the transparent window on the front of the flexible packaging make the realisation of the graphic project simple, however a team of experts is at your complete disposal in all phases of the production of the packaging, from the choice of material, size, graphic design and the insertion of any accessories.

To further facilitate the customisation and limited edition projects comes into play the multi-graphic, a process of Packstyle that allows you to print simultaneously packaging of the same size and materials, but with different graphic designs at no additional cost.

So take advantage of the benefits offered by Packstyle to start 2022 with a new project that relaunches your product in a new and exclusive way. Test your idea by ordering a very limited number of personalised envelopes and once you have achieved the restyling that best communicates the identity of your product, proceed with printing. Every opportunity will be good to test your creativity!


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