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Can the packaging affect the taste of coffee?

Challenges do not frighten us; on in fact, we accept them and seek them out with great critical thinking!

Once again, Packstyle pouches were involved in a coffee-related experiment involving 19 tasters and three different types of packaging... we tell you about what happened!


Aroma protection... one of our favourite tests

We have already told you about the previous experiments to which we subjected our pouches of coffee. In the following link, you can read about the time we performed a thermal test on pouches containing fine coffee blends, or the time we compared coffee stored in a warehouse with the same coffee under stress from a long journey.

Three different packagings were chosen for this test: two of Packstyle's own production, one in aluminium and one in metallised recyclable film, and the other belonging to a plastic competitor. The objective was to compare the three different packagings by assessing whether and how much the packaging affected the taste of the coffee.


How was the test?

  1. selection and preparation of the mixture
    The chosen blend came from Ethiopia and was cultivated at an altitude of around 2000 metres. On 8 February 2023, it was roasted and, two hours after this process, thus eliminating the time for degassing, the blend was packaged in the three different packages containing 150 g of product each.

  2. blind tasting
    On 20th March 2023, the blend was sent to the 19 qualified tasters from 12 different European countries. In order not to influence the results of the research, it was not clearly stated what the objective of the research was, but only asked to rate the three different samples on a scale of 1 to 5 and to indicate the sensory characteristics of the aroma.

  3. comparison of results
    Using the coffee aroma wheel, a valuable tool for identifying natural coffee aromas, the results of the tasters were reported according to the macrocategories by which coffee aromas are identified. The resulting graph helps to compare the three different samples.

The results

The results are very interesting and are explained in detail in the video below, but we can't help but spoil the fact that the Packstyle packaging once again passed the test very well, proving to be the best packaging in terms of aroma preservation.



Thanks to the natural barrier of the aluminium foil and the ability of the metallised recyclable film to not allow moisture or oxygen to pass through and to preserve the aromas, the professional tasters gave high ratings to the coffees stored in the Packstyle packaging. In particular, they noted the presence of sweeter aromas in those stored in the Packstyle pouches as compared to a more bitter and vegetal flavour detected in the coffee packed in the competitor's packaging, an indication of a slight but ongoing process of flavour deterioration. This can be seen in this flavour wheel:


packaging coffee

Our considerations

So in conclusion, how can we answer the initial question? Can the packaging affect the taste of coffee?

The data collected show that the answer is yes. The sensory characteristics revealed by the evaluations support our first intuition: packaging can affect the taste of coffee, changing its scents and altering the aroma wheel. Inadequate storage accentuates the negative ones, and makes the positive ones perceived as less decisive.

While the tasters were initially unaware of the intent of the test, after the testing and evaluation, the purpose of the research and the results were revealed to them. On this occasion, great surprise emerged in being confronted with such different results. Some of the tasters stated that the issue of packaging tends not to be considered in the evaluation of coffees, and is often not investigated in depth by the producers themselves, even in the case of specialty coffees, which by their nature are more delicate and valuable.

The packaging, once again, plays an important role and not only contributes to containing, in this case, delicate coffee, but also to preserving it in excellent condition for as long as possible.

And now, who knows if more tests await us? In the meantime, we are happy that all our efforts in proposing durable and superior packaging, with tested materials and targeted accessories, are recognised through the experiments and tests to which we subject our products. In fact, Packstyle continues to pursue research towards ever more punctual, sustainable, smart and protective products.

Coffee starts our days and is with us at many different times: enjoying its aroma to the full is a pleasure that must be preserved well, as Packstyle pouches do.

Download the results

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